Lately I’ve been dipping my toe into the world of bookstagram. What’s bookstagram you may ask? Basically, it’s a community of book lovers on Instagram.

One day, I stumbled across some bookstagram accounts and my summer was forever changed. Okay, that’s a little dramatic. First I decided to start reviewing books on my blog. As I looked around at other reviewers to learn the structures people usually use, I discovered that many book reviewers had Instagrams that were specifically about books. After exploring even more, I followed a bunch of these accounts and decided to make one of my own – and it’s been so much fun!

As I said, bookstagram is a community. People don’t just post pictures hoping to get a certain amount of followers or likes, though these are always a plus. It’s more about the content of their pictures and the pictures of those they follow. Users comment on each other’s pictures, get excited about books, recommend them, fangirl/fanboy about them, and host giveaways. We’re a bunch of book nerds.

Most bookstagrammers put a ton of effort into their pictures. Many have an overall theme that makes their entire feed look coordinated. In bookstagram pictures, you can often find props used that are related to the book(s) shown, flowers, and fandom things like candles, Funko dolls, word art quotes, buttons, etc. There is planning involved in almost every picture. Plus, you have to get the lighting right in order to display the book(s) in all its glory!

One thing I’ve taken away from this experience so far is a deeper love for books and a greater To-Be-Read (TBR) pile. Being in a community with people who get excited about books has been so rewarding and has cultivated a deeper love for books.

Thank you, bookstagram!

Here are some of the pretty feeds I follow:








You can also follow mine at @junereadsbooks. As I’ve mentioned, I’m still new at it, so bare with me.

Thank you for reading about my latest hobby!

– Rebecca, alumni intern