Our People

Patricia E. Riley is a Senior Editor for Spencer Hill Press. Patricia blames her total inability to tan on the fact that as a child she never saw any reason to venture outdoors. After all, her books, imaginary worlds, and stories were inside (as was air conditioning). A die-hard fan of all things involving the written word since she can remember, Patricia prefers editing and reading to sleep (which is saying quite a lot given her deep love of sleep). As her clients can attest to, she does not consider the Oxford Comma a negotiable punctuation mark. In addition to books, Patricia can be found spending time with her wonderful (and incredibly supportive) husband and their two tiny humans.

Asja Parrish is a Senior Editor for Spencer Hill Press. Asja danced out of the womb. When this happened, her parents knew that she’d likely become one of those starving artists living in New York City. They were only half right. Asja resides in Astoria and eats a steady diet of words and movement, so she’ll never actually starve. She went to college for too long, earning a BFA in dance and a MFA in creative writing. She feels ridiculously educated. Somehow she finds time to write and read and dance.

Jennifer Ambrose is a Senior Editor for Spencer Hill Press. Jennifer is a twin and an Aquarian who is weirdly fascinated by the turkey float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (his name is Tom, in case you were wondering). She grew up reading fairy tales and Greek myths but, when necessary, would put down her books to battle the forces of evil in the woods behind her house. When she’s not thinking about how to make stories better, she is probably teaching cardio kickboxing, naming inanimate objects, or planning parties (often imaginary, always themed).

Carly DaSilva is a Junior Editor for Spencer Hill Press. She has worked on past SHP titles as a Copy Editor and Proofreader while additionally making requested content suggestions and strengthening the already robust storylines. Carly works for an academic publisher as a Marketing Assistant. Her heart holds a special place for YA books that challenge masculine/feminine dichotomies and the stereotypes associated with protagonists.

Meredith Maresco is the Publicist for Spencer Hill Press. Meredith blogs at Pandora’s Books, a YA book blog she founded in an attempt to meet people who are just as book-crazy as she is. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Ithaca College, loves to read (obviously), write, and yell “PUPPY!” at every dog that wanders into her line of sight. She’s a proud Hufflepuff residing in the Grishaverse.

Karen Hughes is the Managing Editor of Spencer Hill Press. She loves a good story and enjoys working with authors, editors, and all of the talented people who make up this successful publishing house.

The SHP team is vast and talented, these are just a few of the people that make it a destination for both readers and authors!