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How Copper Faucets, Neil Gaiman, and a Rainy Night in Portsmouth Led to Copper Girl

Tuesday, December 20th, 2022

Author of recent release Copper Princess, Jennifer Allis Provost discusses how she came to the idea behind the series.

So here’s what happened:

It was 2011, and Neil Gaiman was touring for the tenth anniversary edition of American Gods. Being a huge fan of all things Neil, I had to go. Unfortunately, the closest stop on the tour was Portsmouth, NH, which is about two hours away from where I live. Which meant I needed to enlist a co-conspirator.

Enter Tina, my always-willing partner in crime. Being that she’s a die-hard Neil fan, she was game. So I picked her up, enjoyed some of the best Mexican I’ve ever had (in Worcester, MA, of all places) and we headed north. During the drive, I fished a bracelet out of my car’s center console; it was made of green marble beads with a copper clasp. I gave it to Tina (hey, she paid for lunch) and commented that copper was my favorite metal.

Once we reached Portsmouth we met up with another one of our writer friends, Justine. After dinner at a British-themed pub, we trekked over to the Music Hall, listened to Neil speak, read from American Gods, and be interviewed by the local NPR affiliate. We also scored some signed hardbacks.

Right now, you’re wondering why I’m telling you all of this, and what this possibly has to do with Copper Girl. Patience. It’s coming.

After the event at the Music Hall was over, Tina, Justine and I went to a local restaurant for drinks and dessert. (Side note: the common theme to all of my and Tina’s adventures seem to be drinks and dessert.) We hit the bathroom before we left, and let me tell you, that was one of the nicest ladies’ rooms I’d ever seen. It had granite counters, a terra cotta tile floor, and the most gorgeous copper sinks and faucets. While washing my hands, I remarked again that copper was my favorite metal.

“You keep saying that,” said Tina. “Maybe you should write a copper story.”

And, I did.

The point behind my ramble is this: I was lucky enough to be with two creative individuals, talking and laughing and generally going on about the sorts of things I don’t normally get to talk about, like my love of Charles Dickens, and literary tropes, and why don’t libraries have more funding than the defense department. I had the opportunity to be exposed to Tina and Justine’s creativity, and I borrowed a bit from each of them.

Take away lessons:

Creativity does not exist in a vacuum – if you isolate yourself, you will never open yourself to new ideas. Place yourself with other creative individuals, and soak up their brilliance.

Inspiration is everywhere – even in a bathroom sink.

Have drinks and desserts with friends often – you never know where it will lead you.