Thank You, New York

My summer in New York was loud, crowded, stressful, expensive, and amazing.

My apartment was in the East Village, a comfortable but busy neighborhood in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I’ve also been working part-time at a coffee shop in Williamsburg, which has allowed to me to get to know the neighborhood and become familiar with the local community. I discovered a variety of venues to watch live shows, something I rarely get to do when I’m at school in Boston. I saw Kendrick Lamar, Sylvan Esso, A$AP Ferg, Jacques Greene, Alex G, Fleet Foxes, and countless more. I also learned about the comedy scene in New York, and frequented improv and stand up shows. I visited bustling and famous tourist spots, and discovered quieter neighborhoods where I could sit down with a book and feel more anonymous.

At Beaufort, I was regularly given projects to tackle, including assisting in pitching a book. This required research into proposals and coming up with possible marketing strategies. I got to attend a dinner party for an upcoming book release, and of course, the unforgettable experience that was BookExpo. At Beaufort, I’ve learned about all the different steps that go into publishing, the importance in attention to detail, and what makes a good book good.

In New York, I’ve learned that standing in the middle of the sidewalk is a sure way to anger locals, how to ride the subway without anxiety, and where to get the best pizza in East Village. My relationship in New York was fraught. Although I relished in the excitement, I resented how the busy and crowded city could be. Sometimes I couldn’t imagine not living in the city, other times, I wanted time to slow down and to rush back to my small hometown in Texas. Despite this, I still plan on coming back, because there’s no other place like New York City. 

Sincerely yours,

J.K. Beauling

This is a shared blog post for Beaufort Books and Spencer Hill Press.